Warm Up Boots

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  • TENDU Warm Up Dance Boots TF1024B/TF1024BR

    TENDU Warm Up Dance Boots TF1024B/TF1024BR

    Warm Up Booties Designed to keep your feet warm and comfortable between dance sessions, these warm up booties are lined with a plush, beige polyester fur. The warm up booties contain a durable upper nylon shell and vinyl sole, along with an ankle drawstring with spring grip to ensure a secure fit. Available in black, and burgundy Sizes: S, M, L Small =      (US 3-4.5) -    (UK 2 - 3.5) Medium = (US 5 - 6.5)    (UK 4 - 5.5) Large =      (US 7 - 8)       (UK 5.5 - 7)
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  • Warm Up Bootie

    Warm Up Bootie

    Freed of London warm up bootie, with adjustable strap across the front of the foot and a velcro fastener at the top of the top. Our Warm up Bootie's are not available to USA customers. Flag tag branding Unisex Suitable for ballet or ballroom Sized to include wearing over a dance shoe