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  • Ballet is fun Turnboard

    Ballet is fun Turnboard

    The Ballet Is Fun TurnBoard is the preferred training tool for dancers who want to improve the key elements of turning:  Find your Centre. Improve your spotting. Increase your confidence.
  • Elgin Archxerciser

    Elgin Archxerciser

    Dance Archxerciser - It was featured in  “First Position”  You know how we always go on about the importance of foot strength for Pointe work? Well here is the ultimate gadget! The Elgin Archxerciser provides resistance for key foot exercises used in clinical rehab and strengthening of the arch and foot.  These are the same exercises we often use in preparation for Pointe work.  The Archxerciser affords patients relief from sore feet and collapsed arches  by strengthening the foot's intrinsic and extrinsic musculature.  Treats a variety of common foot ailments including plantar fasciitis and heel spur syndrome.  Archxerciser has a variety of applications:-  Useful for treating the foot & ankle after surgery, it also improves an athlete’s and dancer’s jumping performance, and acts as a preventative aid against sore feet for those who stand for extended periods.  Archxerciser comes in retail clamshell package with instruction card.
  • Flexistretcher Black

    Flexistretcher Black

    The original Flexistretcher - the professional's choice for improving flexibility and strength and highest rated flexibility training product on the market.  Elastic resistance and sturdy construction allow for deeper, stronger, safer stretches, whether you're a professional dancer, athlete or just looking for improved strength and flexibility.  Its the perfect flexibility training product on the market. Caution: these exercises are designed specifically for advanced users ONLY, who have already achieved an above-average level of flexibility. 
  • Tendu Ankle Weights Pair T1072

    Tendu Ankle Weights Pair T1072

    Ankle Weights - Adjustable Strap Exercise Ankle Weights - 2 Pack (weights vary with colour) The Fitness Wrist Weights come with an adjustable strap so it will be fastened securely to your body. Sold as a pair, these ankle weights are one size for any sized person. Suitable for children and adults.
  • Tendu Exercise Band (Theraband)

    Tendu Exercise Band (Theraband)

    Tendu Exercise Band Latex resistanceband, used in preperation for pointe work, targeted strengthening of other body parts, injury rehabilitation and stretching. Basic instructions for core exercises included. Available in Medium, heavy and Super Heavy resistance. A must have item for any dedicated dancer.
  • Tendu Foot Roller/Massager T1020

    Tendu Foot Roller/Massager T1020

    Tendu Foot Roller/massager. Wooden foot rollers are based on the principles of reflexology. There are thousands of nerve endings on your feet, each of which is connected with another part of the body. Wooden foot rollers are crafted from a simple design and are easily used. You can massage your feet and recharge your body while you watch television, read a book, or even while you’re at work. All you have to do is slip off your shoes and roll your feet across these invigorating wooden rollers. Great for enhancing arches and curing aching feet.
  • Tendu Long PBT Exercise band T1068

    Tendu Long PBT Exercise band T1068

    Tendu Extra Long PBT Exercise Band T1068 An extra long heavyweight exericse band  of 2.9m used in PBT for  wrapping and other exercises Easy to wrap around feet and hands to shorten length if required.
  • Tendu Over door stretcher T1060

    Tendu Over door stretcher T1060

    The Tendu Door Flexibility Strap This fantastic over the door leg flexibility strap is designed to improve leg flexibility in ballet, gymnastics & martial arts and all in a cute bag too!
  • Tendu small loop band set T1067

    Tendu small loop band set T1067

    A set of 3 different resistance mini loop exercise bands for muscle strengthening exercises. Used in PBT Dimensions of loops 360mm X 50 mm Light, Medium and Heavy weight bands
  • Tendu stability ball T1058

    Tendu stability ball T1058

    This anti-burst Yoga Fitness ball is ideal for core strength training.Widely used in PBT (Progressing Ballet Technique) Yoga, Pilates and other fitness classes. Currently available in 3 sizes- 55cm, 65cm and 75cm
  • Tendu T1031 Massage Balls

    Tendu T1031 Massage Balls

    Tendu T1030 Massage Balls For those who suffer muscle pain, tight spots or trigger points can really benefit from Massag Balls. They can help work out tights spots more precisely than foam rollers, especially on smaller muscle groups such as feet, glutes and calves.  A collection of balls in various sizes and densities Target trigger spots Reduce pain levels Improve range of motion through specific muscles. Instructions included.
  • Tendu Turn Out Discs T1075

    Tendu Turn Out Discs T1075

    We are so excited to have the Tendu turnout discs. This pair of turnout discs would be a great gift for a dancer or gymnast looking to improve their turnout and hip flexibility. Full instructions included.
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