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Gifts for dance.

  • Tendu Over door stretcher T1060

    Tendu Over door stretcher T1060

    The Tendu Door Flexibility Strap This fantastic over the door leg flexibility strap is designed to improve leg flexibility in ballet, gymnastics & martial arts and all in a cute bag too!
  • Tendu small loop band set T1067

    Tendu small loop band set T1067

    A set of 3 different resistance mini loop exercise bands for muscle strengthening exercises. Used in PBT Dimensions of loops 360mm X 50 mm Light, Medium and Heavy weight bands
  • Tendu stability ball T1058

    Tendu stability ball T1058

    This anti-burst Yoga Fitness ball is ideal for core strength training.Widely used in PBT (Progressing Ballet Technique) Yoga, Pilates and other fitness classes. Currently available in 3 sizes- 55cm, 65cm and 75cm

Royal Academy of Dance

  • Pirouette Surgery by Rosina Andrews

    Pirouette Surgery by Rosina Andrews

    Pirouette Surgery®  The Science of Turning and applying it to your dancing. FEATURING WORLD RECORD HOLDER Sophia Lucia! Passionate about developing dance technique, Rosina Andrews has launched her first book 'Pirouette Surgery®. Aimed at dance teachers and inquisitive dancers, Rosina shares the knowledge that she has obtained whilst teaching all over the world working with some highly influential dancers. The book discusses the processes of turning and the best ways for young dancers to improve their turns. With exclusive anecdotes and opinions from dancers in the Royal Ballet Company and advice from the World Record holder for pirouettes, Sophia Lucia; the book is packed full of great little tips, scientific theories and preparation exercises. A teachers kit is also available with a Three level Turning Programme and also offers an insight into strengthening exercises from Samuel Downing Personal Trainer. Alongside Rosina's insightful and charismatic teaching approach, this book is sure to delight its dancing readers from young to old.  ​​A class to perfect the science of turning, Simple drills and strengthening exercises will be set for the whole class whilst one-2-one technical help will be offered for dancers to perfect those multiple turns.Finding and working the importance of muscular connection to eradicate spinning, but to consistently perform turns. ‘Rosina has lived, breathed and perfected the art of the pirouette and it shows. One of my students improved from three to ten turns in a workshop with her. There is no doubt that my school, my students and myself have refined our style in turning, thanks to Rosina’ Mckechnie School of Dance , Scotland.